VRChat ZDragon Base Avatar 1.2

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Version 1.2

  • Added VRChat PhysBones and Colliders Configuration
  • Removed Dynamic Bone Asset

Version 1.1.1

  • Added 9 new togglable body parts
  • Added Belly and Hip Adjustments
  • Added Several Horn Designs
  • Added Lock Gesture Feature


Dragon base with re-texture PSD files comes with both configured VRChat Avatar Project on VRChat SDK 3 and a VRM project. You can upload the avatar into VRChat or use in any VTuber software that supports .VRM file format. More info about VRM https://vrm.dev/ 


  • Full body tracking compatible
  • Facial Expression mapped with the hand gestures. 
  • Mouth movement according to voice (Viseme)
  • Tail wags and Ear twitch idle animation
  • Maw Open, Wings Open, Tail Control, Paws Control
  • Special Toes Manual Control - individual toes move based on hand fingers.
  • VRChat Phys Bones configuration
  • Scripts and node placement prepared for custom emotes

    If you wish to try out a base, please visit this world to clone it, feel free to use it: https://vrchat.com/home/launch?worldId=wrld_23040083-cc6f-485c-a9cf-603ddb2b1528 (Search Zephyxus Avatar Home World)

**Please note that Dynamic Bone Asset is not provided but the model has configured it, it will work once you import the Dynamic Bone Asset. You will have to purchase the dynamic bone from Will Hong plugin

Dynamic Bone Asset is no longer required. This model configured using native VRChat PhysBones.

Simple steps to upload the model to VR Chat:
1. Launch Unity 2019.4.31f1 and create new project and import dynamic bone asset component.
2. Import VRChat SDK3 Avatar (download it from https://vrchat.com/home/download)
2. Import the Unity Package VRChat ZDragon 1.2 (menu Assets>Import Package>Custom Package...)
3. Open the VRChat ZDragon scene (menu File> Open Scene > select ZDragons ([project path]\Assets\Scenes\ZDragons.unity))
4. Make modification, For example, edit the texture file in Assets/_ZDragon/Texture/Body.png
5. Login to VRChat and Upload (menu VRCHAT SDK>Show Control Panel)
6. Click Build & Publish for Windows, Change name of the model and cover picture.

Simple steps to create VRM file:
1. Launch Unity 2019.4.31f1 and create new project
2. Import the Unity Package VRM ZDragon 1.x.x (menu Assets>Import Package>Custom Package...)
3. Open the ZDragon VRM scene (menu File> Open Scene > select ZDragon VRM ([project path]\Assets\Scenes\ZDragon_VRM.unity))
4. Make modification
5. Export VRM (menu VRM0 -> Export UniVRM-0.XX)

File Content

  • Unity package for VRChat
  • Unity package for VRM (Vtuber)
  • Texture UVMap in PSD Files
  • Blender Source file
  • PDF How-to guide
  • Substance painter file - made possible by auxlabs_ (https://twitter.com/auxlDev)

Terms of Use: 

Upon purchase, you are free to edit it however you like, or use them as VTuber model However:
- You cannot redistribute, re-sell base and/or your modification, or any mean that the avatar falls into another person possession.
- You cannot upload this model as a public model, and cannot put this model in VRChat Avatar Pedestal unless you keep a _CreditCube object and Menu to show it inside the model. If you wish to use a base, please visit this world to clone it : https://vrchat.com/home/launch?worldId=wrld_23040083-cc6f-485c-a9cf-603ddb2b1528   (Search Zephyxus Avatar Home World) or clone this base from others.
- It is prohibited to use it for the purpose of slander, politics, or religious activities for specific individuals or groups.
- If you decided to commission an artist to edits, you can do so as long as both parties have bought this model before.


- The creator shall not be liable for any damage incurred, misuse, or any other losses caused by the use of this model.

If you have any questions, any assistance, or suggestions, please ask in our discord (invite link: https://discord.gg/bjkmp7V

I want this!

► VRChat Avatar Unity packages (ready to upload) ► VRM Unity packages ►Texture UVMap in PSD Files. ►Substance Painter File. ►Blender file


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VRChat ZDragon Base Avatar 1.2

80 ratings
I want this!